The Discovery Center will be the first place of residence for men entering The Refuge. The Center offers a safe environment free from drugs/alcohol and any other worldly distractions. There is no contact with friends or family members during this time. The Discovery Center Director, Pastor Don Anderson, lays out a comprehensive plan for positive growth utilizing curriculum as well as one-on-one counseling sessions and biblical study to offer men who are seeking change every opportunity to do so.

Should a man show development through the change process and have a desire to continue, the next opportunity is a four month process located in Lancaster, Ohio.

Opportunity Two

The Second Phase of The Refuge process, referred to as “the Farm Phase” and “a place of intimacy”, consists of four months in Lancaster, Ohio. Here, men begin developing an intimate relationship with God as well as with each other. With a strong emphasis on the study of God’s Word, daily praise and worship, brotherly discipling, curriculum and daily chores, men begin to trust and rely on God as well as one another.

At this point in the process, there are monthly family days where all the families come for a day of visiting and fellowship. Also, men can begin corresponding with their loved ones and receive weekly phone calls. In addition, the men begin working in Columbus every other week in one of our two business. In this aspect, the men begin slowly integrating back into daily life with the ability to identify areas in which they need attention and come back to the farm for a week of refreshing and help from their leadership and brothers.

The Refuge offers yet another opportunity for continued growth in the change process.

Opportunity Three

Phase Three, known as the “place of application”, is an additional eight months of commitment and is located in Columbus, Ohio. Here, the process closely resembles what most would consider “regular life”. Men work 35-40 hours per week and have much more freedom to make choices, while still under the covering of authority and obeying the rules and regulations of the Refuge.

Men have certain weekly requirements they must meet including small group meetings, meeting with mentors and curriculum. Also during this time the men get to return home for weekend visits one to two times per month. In much the same way that men coming to Columbus from the Second Phase have a chance to identify areas of concern and return to the farm, men now can begin working on relationships with those at home while still being able to return to a place of safety and brotherly discipling. Also, as part of this opportunity, financial restoration and future employment are a strong focus.

Outreach is also a very important aspect of the Phase Three opportunity. As men continue in the change process, “getting out of themselves” by serving others provides developmental growing and addresses the very real issues the Franklinton area faces. Men in Phase Three assist in local awareness meeting, children’s ministries and meal distribution to under advantaged citizens.

Franklinton Vision House

This next opportunity is available to men who have completed the 13-month process and have a desire to affect change in the Franklinton area of Columbus. Known as the “accountability house”, men are required to have full-time employment and are afforded living arrangements where they are only required to cover utilities in the house. An increased focus and commitment to outreach is also a requirement. Also, for a select few who are truly called to Franklinton, home ownership in the area is being offered.

Taking men from homelessness and hopelessness to home ownership is the goal! The first focus will be to display and spread the Gospel as well as continuing to live as a responsible man of God. Changing men’s lives by breaking the bonds of addiction and thereby, changing families, changing communities and changing cities.